About This Site

We are an independent 3rd party site offering information about the Glance Intuit® screen sharing software. Intuit®, QuickBooks®, and ProConnect® are registered trademarks of Intuit® Inc. in the US and other countries.

Glance Intuit is a remote support service offered by Intuit for users of both Quickbooks and ProConnect Tax Online.

Glance-Intuit.org is a help/tutorial website that was created to help those attempting to us the Glance Intuit remote support software offered by Glance Networks in conjunction with Intuit.

We are an independent 3rd party website and are not operated or authorized by Glance®, Intuit®, Quickbooks® or TurboTax®.

While we make every effort to provide reliable and accurate information the information found on our site is NOT guaranteed to be accurate and should be verified directly with Intuit.

If you have further questions about Glance Intuit please contact us or contact Intuit directly through their contact page found at https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/en_US/contact.

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